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Commercial EPC

We provide Commercial EPC certificates for all commercial premises nationwide. With many years experience in the industry and a close team of energy assessors, we are able to provide certification, which will be a legal requirement should a property be up for sale or rental. We are different to most companies in the sector as we do not operate as a panel. You deal with our assessors direct which ensures the best value for you, and a more prompt, efficient service. We are able to provide a Commercial EPC for you, fast and we are capable of dealing with all commercial premises, big or small. Contact us now for a quote.

Asbestos Survey

If you have a commercial premises that is being sold or developed, then you may be required to undertake an asbestos survey, depending on the age of the building. We are able to offer initial reports and follow up asbestos management plans, which ensure that you are dealing correctly with any potential hazards within the building. As always you can be assured a professional and value for money, by dealing direct with our asbestos management team. For more information about asbestos or to make an enquiry, contact us today.

BRUKL Reports

SBEM (BRUKL) are design calculations that are required if you are refurbishing or extending a commercial premises.

These calculations are required in order to comply with Building Regulations Part L2. It is compulsory to have SBEM calculations carried out on all non-domestic building projects. The SBEM calculations produce an SBEM report certificate, and this shows the energy efficiency rating for the building. If the SBEM report shows a pass then the project passes Building Regulations Part L2.

New build SBEM calculations work out the target emission rating (TER) followed by the building emission rating (BER). The BER must be equal to or less than the TER in order for the SBEM rating to show a pass on the SBEM report certificate. For more information about BRUKL, or to make an enquiry, contact us today.

DEC Certificates

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is a legal requirement in the UK (excluding Scotland) for all public sector buildings with a total floor area exceeding 250m2 that are visited frequently by the public. This may include buildings such as schools, medical practices, leisure centres etc

A Display Energy Certificate is created alongside an advisory report which contains a list of recommendations for improved energy efficiency of the building in question.

The rules for Display Energy Certificates vary dependent in size. For buildings above 1000m2 the DEC needs to be renewed annually, and their Advisory Reports are valid for 7 years. Display Energy Certificates and their accompanying Advisory Reports for smaller buildings are valid for 10 years. If an eligible public sector building fails to display a valid DEC or be in the possession of an Advisory Report, the organisation will face a fine of up to £1,500 per building. For more information about DECs, or to make an enquiry, contact us today.


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